Stamford Incense Gift Set Spiritual


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Stamford Incense Gift Set Spiritual

6 packs of 8 sticks

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NATURAL INGREDIENTS: All Stamford products are made by hand, so we know exactly what goes in them. We use ethically sourced ingredients. Where possible we source or invent sustainable alternatives to natural products.

HANDMADE: Incense hand rolled using only the purest, highest quality ingredients. Manufactured using traditional techniques and timeless recipes handed down through the generations. A clean, smooth burning incense that transports you to another world with soothing fragrances to suit your every mood or meditation.

CRULETY FREE: Enjoy effective products produced without exploitation of people or planet, safe in the knowledge that all ingredients are vegetarian. At Stamford we have been working with fresh ingredients for many years and have vast experience of how to formulate, manufacture our range of incenses.

IDEAL GIFT : Easy to use and attractive beautiful packaging of this incense sticks makes it an ideal gift for your friends and relatives on special occasions and festivals.

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Weight 116 g
Dimensions 270 × 18 × 120 mm


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