Igt Weber Compatible Replacement Gas Canister Regulator Hose & Connector


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WEBER LP Q Series UK LP model Compatible Replacement Gas Canister Regulator, hose & connector This Kit is to Replace Your Old out of date Canister Hose & Regulator pre 2015 uk models Or to Convert your Weber Back to Canister Operation The Regulator will fit a 7/16 screw type Canister see picture ie Weber, Coleman’s, Go System ext The Kit Includes 1 X 30mbar Regulator with 7/16 Fitting 1/2 mt (20 inch) Gas Hose 2 X Hose Clips 1 X Brass Connector REGULATOR BRANDS VARY DEPENDING ON STOCK Please check your specific manufacturer’s specification to ensure the correct fit. NOT FOR CONVERTING BBQS THAT USE HIGH PRESSURE GAS DIRECTLY FROM A CANISTER WITHOUT A REGULATOR

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 35 × 26 × 6 cm


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