Bullfinch 6088/08 Caravan & Motor Home Shower Outlet Point Kit BLACK


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Ideal for
outdoor showers
washing articles
and many other uses
Colour – Black
Note the following features:
complete with shower head assembly and fixing screws
good security – no connector, no flow
push and turn activation
innovative, attractive design
high quality for a long reliable life
easy to fit – requires 60mm cutter
non return valves are fitted to each inlet
1.5m long shower hose – but can be lengthened – see below
longer shower head assemblies are now available as extras – 2.0 m long (SP6088U) and 2.5 m long (SP6088AA).
swivel head with fixed pattern spray with lever control
high flow rate
Nett weight with shower head assembly – 740g
The External shower point comes complete with a Shower head assembly (shower fitting, shower hose and swivel head). It uses the unit’s existing hot and cold water supplies. Inserting the shower assembly, locks it in place and turns on the water. Temperature adjustment by turning the assembly.
You will need a 60mm cutter to create the orifice.
Inlet connections for hot and cold water – you will need Whale quick connect plumbing system fittings, size 15mm – we recommend Equal elbow item code WX1503(B) or Equal straight WX1504(B) or similar. John Guest Speedfit work well too.
We supply 4 fixing screws.
In winter take care to drain down the shower unit to prevent damage from freezing water – it is therefore good to put isolation valves onto the feeds.
Permanent Buildings  If fitting to a permanent building there is a requirement for additional non return valves on the hot and cold feeds to prevent back siphonage. Please take advice from a fittings supplier. If the wall is thicker than 40mm then cut the 60mm dia hole to a depth of 40mm from the outside and then cut a larger hole (probably in excess of 80mm dia) to meet the 60mm hole from the inside. This is to allow the connections to be fitted and accessed.
For microswitch activated water systems, you will need to install a switch for the pump for the Shower Point. We suggest an illuminated switch just inside the door to remind the user to switch the pump off when the Shower Point is not being used.
For On demand pressure pumped water systems the Shower Point can be installed as it is, without the need for a electrical switch.
Different Shower Head If you want a different shower head, most domestic Shower Heads will fit onto the hose assembly supplied. A head that looks good can be found on Amazon by clicking here . 
To extend the length of the hose – Longer Shower Head Assemblies are now available as extras – 2.0 m long (SP6088U) and 2.5 m long (SP6088AA).
You can also lengthen the hose using a 1/2in BSP Nipple eg BES Brass Nipple part 6576 or Philmac 90421100 or equivalent and a standard shower hose with 1/2in BSP fittings. The image below shows what is required. Take care not to lose the washers. 

Additional information

Weight 740 g
Dimensions 220 × 230 × 130 mm


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