Sievert Powerjet 253547 1″ Unef Map Gas Fitting


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The most powerful and efficient torch system in the market. The ergonomic handle is both long lasting and reliable. Automatic Piezo ignition (upto 30000 ignitions) Trigger on/off function helps preventing LPG wastage. Anti-flare enables the torch to operate in all positions (360) Full range of 6 easily interchangeable burners. Easy exchange of nozzles. Designed for use with MAPP but also suitable for use with Propane, Ultramapp and Ultragas

Working pressure 2 Bar
Weight 290g
Length 180mm
Height 80mm
Connection US 1″ Map Gas

Trigger on/off function saves LPG wastage

Trigger lock provides hands free usage

Precise flame adjustment, valve turns 270 o

6 burners available all interchangeable with quick release bayonett fitting

Cyclone technology rotating flame

Anti-flare that opperates in all positions 360 o

canister NOT included

Additional information

Weight 476 g
Dimensions 150 × 210 × 45 mm


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