Sievert 3486 Pro 86 Blowtorch Handle


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Single valve handle mainly for smaller burners. The spindle and valve are designed to give a very exact and quick flame setting.The springloaded metal knob gives a precise and stable setting for the finest of flames. All metal parts made of high quality brass. Ergonomically designed plastic composite handle. Double moulded soft grip for the highest comfort and useability. Delivered without hose nipple

Working pressure 1.5 to 8 Bar
Weight 245g
Length 180mm
Height 70mm

Exact flame setting that works in all weather conditions

wide range of burners and neck tubes

Double moulded soft grip handle

High quality Brass used

Versatile handle for all heating tasks

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Additional information

Weight 318 g
Dimensions 100 × 250 × 45 mm


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