Sievert Handyjet 228201 BlowTorch with Piezo Ignition


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The new handyjet has anew powerful, efficient and wind stable multi-purpose burner. The new unique burner is designed with a preheating tube, that heats up the gas before combustion. This means that our new handyjet can be used upside down without any flare-ups Burner diameter 20mm Gas consumtion 140 g/h Effect, kw 1,8 Piezo ignition Yes Connection EU 7/16" Drop protection for maximum safety and durability Piezo ignition and new superior flame adjustment valve Ergonomic comfort grip Anti-flare 360 o usage Powerful wind stable flame Please Note gas canister is for display purposes only and is NOT included

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Weight 496 g
Dimensions 160 × 260 × 60 mm


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