Bullfinch 1365 Unilow Gas Furnace


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The Bullfinch 1365 Robust furnace with wide low frame which gives greater stability and safety. It incorporates an advanced design of air intake adjustment to give a wide range of flames from vigorous to soft – and more precise control of heat. Burner design prevents jets becoming blocked by spillage. Bulk heating furnaces for melting lead and other metals, compounds, bitumen, etc. All incorporate standard needle valves. This requires a 0-1 bar regulator for propane – Bullfinch 1051/01- plus at least 3m of high pressure hose – Bullfinch No 1299, plus 2 clips Bullfinch 1324. HOSE AND REGULATOR NOT INCLUDED

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Weight 10000 g
Dimensions 320 × 310 × 230 mm


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